Our Main Focus

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Flowerree Hay & Grain is a large integrated alfalfa, organic alfalfa, timothy grass, grain and orchard grass farm located eight miles east of Christmas Valley, Oregon. With Christmas Valley’s perfect climate and abundant water supply we are able to produces the worlds highest quality hay. Not only does FGH produce the worlds finest dairy alfalfa we also operate a large-scale seed cleaning facility.

Life on the Farm

It's a long road to a quality product.

The most advanced equipment!

At FHG we run the newest and most advance equipment on the market

At Flowerree Hay and Grain we take passion in new technologies in farm equipment.  Our farming,planting,fertilizing,spraying and harvesting equipment are all done with the latest state of the art equipment.  Our tractors are all guided by GPS. This helps insures our customers receive the highest quality product.


Christmas Valleys amazing climate!

Amazing climate makes amazing hay.

The first and biggest advantage is our location in Easter Oregon’s high desert climate.  Our climate is very dry so when we are harvesting we very rarely have our hay rained on before we bale it.  By getting our hay baled before the rain we are able to keep the beautiful green color and nutrient levels at their peak. The other great thing about our climate is our cool summer nights.  This does not let the hay grow to fast.  The slower the hay is grown the more nutrient’s are retained in the plants because of more leaf growth. In warmer climates the alfalfa grows very fast making the stems of the plant grow much larger.  The nutrient’s in alfalfa are in the leafs not the stems. Also the smaller the stems the more palatable the hay is to the cow.  The more the cow eats of high quality hay the more milk is produced.

Hay Storage

Good barns keep quality at its best

At Flowerree Hay and Grain all of our barns are paved.  This ensures that that our and your hay stacks are not damaged by the weather.   

Companies we work with

Helena Chemical Company, Milann Farms, Western Milling